September 10, 2020

Dr. Riccardo Levato receives ERC Starting Grant

Dr. Riccardo Levato, UMC Utrecht, receives the ERC Starting Grant for the project: Volumetric light-driven bioprinting capturing complex physiological shape, size and function in artificial tissues and organoids

RMU researcher Riccardo Levato received an ERC starting grant to work on a 3D-bioprinter. With a classic 3D printer it can take hours before the object is finished, which is not favored within medicine, where time is precious and speed is necessary. Riccardo will use this money to build a 3D printer that can reproduce parts of the human body, including living cells, within minutes. In this way, they can make individual models of parts of the patient, and steer towards personalized medicine. More information can be found here.

Congratulations Riccardo!

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