June 29, 2020

Aurélie Carlier guest editor PLOS

Dr. Aurélie Carlier, one of our faculty MDR members, is a guest editor is an special edition of PLOS ONE: Modeling Cell Proliferation and the Cell Microenviroment.

Cells use elaborate mechanisms to sense a variety of mechanical and biochemical cues in their environment, to integrate this information, and to generate coherent adaptive responses. Importantly, these responses often entail remodeling the extracellular environment, which in turn reshapes mechanical cues that feedback on cells – sometimes over considerable distances. Mathematical modeling of cell proliferation and the cell microenvironment is crucial to probe the underlying principles governing these mechanobiological interactions. A more complete understanding of these interactions will provide new opportunities for tissue and biomaterials engineering, as well as immunology and cancer research.

PLOS ONE is delighted to announce a Call for Papers on Modeling Cell Proliferation and the Cell Microenvironment to shed light on this important topic. We particularly welcome submissions that contribute to the field by improving on existing methods and algorithms to better model phenomena such as fibrotic remodeling, cancer metastasis, wound healing and development, as well as contributions that identify mechanisms underlying the recursive dialogue between cells and the extracellular matrix.

Check it out here.


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