February 24, 2020

NWO Vici awarded to two MDR researchers!

Vici is one of the largest grants for individuals in the Netherlands. It enables scientists to set up their own innovative line of research and to put together their own research group.

Genetic heart disease – what goes wrong?
Prof. dr. E. (Eva) van Rooij, Hubrecht Institute
Genetic heart diseases are caused by a mistake in your DNA and are characterised by several disease known about the exact mechanisms that drive these changes. The goal is to discover what causes these pathological changes to occur to potentially contribute to the development of enhanced therapies.

Regeneration of diseased bone by colloidal biomaterials
Prof dr. ir. S.C.G. (Sander) Leeuwenburgh, RUMC
Conventional biomaterials cannot heal defects in diseased bone. This research will design novel biomaterials which do possess this capacity by self-assembly of submicron particles. These biomaterials are porous, self-healing, and deliver drugs directly into cells. Consequently, bone defects caused by diseases such as infection or cancer will be treated effectively.


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