July 3, 2019

Winners of the Young Talent grants 2019

We are happy to announce the projects selected for funding under the Young Talent programme of MDR in 2019.

In the call for PhD candidates and postdocs:

  • “Shrinkable 3D printed hydrogel constructs to replicate vascularized proximal kidney tubules” by Anne Metje van Genderen and Carl Schuurmans, University of Utrecht
  • “Artificial tissues from 3D-printed coacervate protocells” by Alexander Mason, Eindhoven University of Technology
  • “A hypoxia-responsive hydrogel to modulate extracellular matrix degradability“ by Mireille Sthijns, Maastricht University

Anne Metje van Genderen

Carl Schuurmans

Alexander Mason

Mireille Sthijns







In the call for assistant / associate professors:

  • “Enhanced collagen based osteo-implants augmented by suspended electrofabrication” by Miguel Dias Castilho, University Medical Center Utrecht
  • “Ultra-Fast Volumetric 3D Bioprinting: Regenerative implants in the turn of a wheel” by Riccardo Levato, University Medical Center Utrecht

Miguel Dias Castilho

Riccardo Levato







The results of these projects will be presented at the MDR Yearly Meeting 2020.


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