Monthly Archives: December 2018

Universiteit van Nederland on ‘Mighty Materials’ with Carlijn Bouten

On Januari 23rd, five lectures for ‘Universiteit van Nederland’[1] will be recorded in Club Air, Amsterdam. The day’s theme of ‘Machtige Materialen’ is very close to the heart of the MDR program, with three of the lectures focusing around artificial organs, surface activated implants and biomimicry in materials research. MDR program lead Carlijn Bouten will give […]

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The first graduate course of the MDR Gravitation program

We proudly announce the first graduate course of the Materials-Driven Regeneration Gravitation program. The course is geared towards postdocs, PhD students, and advanced MSc students working on MDR- or related projects with an MDR-affiliated institution. The courses will include lectures on MDR-related scientific topics, lectures/workshops on topics related to career and talent development, lab tours, […]

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